Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I miss this weather..!

I capture this in the Dry season at Karawang.. but here n' now in this wet season at Bogor to find the sky in this condition is almost impossible. I miss it..!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Tropical fruit?

its been a year since my last post. well.. in a year, there so many thing happened in my life including married..! yes..! now I have experience what people say the Fruit of life.. oh yeah^^.
by the way.. now i'm back to school, I refresh my mind, taking more inspiring thing and more motivated to trying start exploring things that I  left behind including this Blog.

Picture above and below was takin' a while ago. my professor really taking seriously about the importance of taking care of our endemic fruit by our government. our tropical fruit is more beneficially than imported fruit for indonesians people. 

well i,m not sure the fruit in my picture is indonesians endemic, but it is grow in our land. there.. my first post in a new fase^^

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Cimanuk Beautiful Black Beach..

from my tour of duty, this is my second beach mark and it is on cimanuk beach. its a beautiful black sand beach. with a very heavy and dangerous wave. its in south Java, Tasik Malaya Districk

i'm here for 4 days and i'll be back again for my south java tour..^^

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Citarum after the Flood..

These early year flood of Citarum river, quite intimidating. the river over loaded for more longer time than its average in every year. The exceed of water even flow to the center of Karawang city.

these pictures taken after the Citarum flood over. the water's sinking very significant in a very short time. despite of the lost that happen to humanity because of the flood, when its over the nature is simply adjust.

as you can see in pictures above, the flood brings mud to the land aside the river and it make the soil rich and highly plantable. Doesn't take a long time for farmer to take action, they make a path to the soil. I couldn't resist to take drying and skinned mud that look like flowers a shot.
the flood.. we just have to manage it next year. so it doesn't have to bring tears..^^

Monday, March 29, 2010

Fisherman Story Part 2

Kings of the sea.. they are!! fighting for their teritory.. defending from the villain that will take their sea away and ruin them..
this picture taken during my trip to patrol the Karawang Coastal n try to get evidence about illegal fishing that threaten this fisherman fishing ground.. n' we succeed..^^

Fisherman Story

The Flag is Red.. declaring bravery that attach to the heart of every fisherman for attain their glory at the ocean wide.
Toward the sea.. there is no doubt and hesitation.. just courage!!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Behind the scene (sheep)

Make it darker i get the sky, beautiful clouds and the reflection of the sun..

Make it lighter I get the sheeps..^^
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